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thats a true fan
so cartoonish and you fit perfectly the animation with the music 5/5

oh dear Arceus! This is awesome!, all those zubats and the pkmn rap music. you need to keep doing more like this :D

If this movie doesnt go to frontpage is just because is kinda short.

this needs some better sound quality (voices and effects) ... and lips sync

TendoRanma responds:

Thakyou and it's True, I need a female voice actor and more quality with the audio.

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This game is pretty good, sometimes it get confusing about the stats of all the creatures but i just finish it in like an hour.

+1 Gameplay: I really dont feel it repetitive at all, and is pretty entretaining, keeps you thinking about a new way to deal with the problems. Tons of events make this entretaining each turn.

+.5 Features: A lot of classes to choice, funny and editable story, skills for your town and citizens, all the buttons are on their places but a "Replay" button could be better, some skills are bugged when you try to use to fast they just get wasted and the game really needs some kind of bestiary to know much better about what are you dealing with.

+1 Graphics: They turn their heads!

+.5 Music: Nothing remarcable about this, but still good enough to dont press the mute button.

+1 Experience: I really love it, sometimes makes you feel is inpossible to make it to the next level, until you try something new and you undo your mistakes. I read some comentaries about having problems with the apple tree skills and the apple regeneration, that makes me FEAR to play this for a moment, then I got those problems but they feel like they where part of the game, I learn to deal with the lack of apple regeneration with more farmers and the game just keeps being funny and challenging for me (and the apple regeneration comes back too!!). I cant say the game was pretty short.. I feel more like I get entretained a lot and the time just fly away too quickly. I like this game and expect somehow a second part. GIVE IT A TRY!

Theres no Resume but hey.. i got some tips


-For starters, each character have a skill, you will get apple icon first from the farmer, just click on the apple icon then a land square to place an apple tree(they work as a poor block defense and gives mores apples so you probably want them on the back like a last defense)

-Just one gem spend on "mosquete" upgrade will helps you to dont repeat the level (try to not waste gems on this skill)

-Most of the time you will have no problem about lack of apples if you start the match placing 3-4 farmers (just don place them in line or youre doomed, i place them on vertical position all the time so they dont let scape those sneaky rats)

-You really want to keep the healers and farmers well upgraded, placing small groups with a healer in the middle and a strong character (I use smiths) in front of it to defend it works pretty well for me

-Engieners (those viking looking dwarves) could look strong.. but they are really defensive weak, but their walls are one of the most usefull skills on the game so you will find helpfully to place about 3 on the back (walls all on front, they are really strong)

-During the game sometime you will need to take some choises, those affects a little bit the gameplay (asking the merchant what he was talking with the witch makes you lose a turn to upgrade with the train), but most of this choises are to win a title at the end of the game (mine is : "Devonsito" "the supersticious" "and civil" "barterer")

-At some point,the half of your characters are moving to another town, choise wisely and try to not full upgrade a class until this event happen. (I'm not sure if the game half the classes with some criteria or is just random, so you could lose a fully upgraded class)

-REALLY SPOILER: You could have some problems with the final boss, seems so unfair vomiting enemies everywhere and eating your expensive citizens each 10 seconds... I recomend you a LOT of farmers (7-8) at the start because they are cheap and doesnt matter so much about being eated, and you really will need a fully long ranged class (assasin, lancer or archer) fully upgraded because the boss doesnt move at all at the begin (and you dont want it to keep spawning more monsters).

Good luck to all c:

After playing this for about 4 days, i feel like i can give a decent review of this (my grammar gives 0 fvcks)

+.5 Gameplay: At the start, theres a nice tutorial about how to do the basics around, but it suddendly stops when you try to figure how to be more than just a sword bashing against everyone. Because the long listed skills and classes, not even experienced players can help you about the best build of a character, theres a wiki about all but can get a lil bit confusing.

+.5 Features: Theres an auction system, clans, groups, arenas, events and the variety of skills are all those attractive, but for some reason, it feels like you can only fulfill ejoy them if you pay to upgrade your account.

+0 Graphics: The art is nice but you cant expect them to be graphics, the entire game could look very detailed, but almost everyone can notice how old this game is. The year is 2014 so you must be a fan to love this kind of games. I dont.

+1 Sound: The music is pretty awesome for the game format. Inmidiatly makes you feel into an epic battle against the first drunk boss. Some could say it becomes repetitive but i can tolerate it. Sounds effects are all over the game and the muting is very friendly.

+0 Experience: I almost never play this kind of games because being the new around experienced players makes me feel dumb. So I give a chance to this game because it was starting, and it dissapoint. Almost every user has just move from the old server to domain this one. They fill the chat window with nosenses for new players and the only help I could get wus from other confused players, learning out how to move around blind like me. Then after choose how to raise my character into the leatherworking, I just notice about how after doing the recipe and getting all skilled into building my own whips, im not going to be able to sell my work to other players, until i upgrade my account. You start to search about prices and notices how expensive it could get because those upgrades have a very short time expirance. Then you start to notice how those who upgrade (or fully upgrade) their account, (plus their knowledge from the old server) start to level up so fast than makes it pointless to you for keep playing!

Total: 2 Stars/Rating

Yup its an enjoyable game for a starters, the multiple classes and skill list makes it interesting enough to keep going, the battles and music can sounds a little bit akwards but still good. Armors, gems, pets, everything you can expect from a advanced MMO. But this is Newgrounds, we dont tolerate this kind of things, this is an old game moving to a new server just because the old one is dying. This game is being overrated by the old players, who just create an account here to vote 5 and overrun this server as they couldn on the first one. As soon as you start to understan the game system you will notice how pointless it is to play without paying for a standar or premium account. Theres no point of raising crafting skills because all the final products are going to stay with you because you cant sell anything to other players. Its get more and more frustrating to see how those premium accounts reach from level 0 to 60 in 2-3 days and I bet the Rested Time feature makes almost all new players (free accounts) to get frustated and leave this game when they run out of it. There no use to blam this, because at this rate, this server is going to die soon by itself.

pretty buggy... the game just sucks me down through the floor to the bedrock at the very start without even knowing how to play it

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Epic, the voice is breathtaking

My Name Is Dev

Rhymes with... Ferb? :D

this rithm is catchy seriously

this makes me imagine

a big empy white room...me inside when i wus just a child... bored and sad waiting for something to happen.. then i keep growing up in that room.. theres a window where i look out and see other kids playing in a backyard all happy and then makes me remember my lonely person..hoping i will be there some day playing with all those kids then i squats on the floor and wait until all of this ends as soon as posible u.u

owww yea is very sad D: u win the 10 for make me think that

michaelt15 responds:

That is awsome :D thank you

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so much peppermint! <3

El abominable hombre de las nieves!!!
This is pretty awesome. It feels like they almost moving, the chapulin shaking with fright, ramon dancing on his spot like an ape, Florinda hidden on the background. A fantastic work!

minimalist with all those little details... is great!

Alienslushie responds:

It's meant to be uncomfortable

not ur interest ;3

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